Learn how to deal with frustration!

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      In your journey of personal development, the essential key that will dictate if you succeed or not is the way you deal with frustration!

      There will be moments throughout your life when you’ll make the wrong decisions, and this isn’t an if but a when it will happen! Frustration can arise from several scenarios, such as when you’re dealing with a disease, financial problems, death, breakups, emotional problems or just when you go the wrong path.

       If you already know how to face frustration, great! If that’s not your case yet, here are some steps you can think of:

  1. When something doesn’t go as you planned, reflect on it!

      You had an idea, planned everything and you followed your plan, but, in the end, didn’t achieve your goal – this happens quite often, it makes part of life…

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Not like the rest

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      We can read  and learn a lot about how to be successful but there is only one thing that no one tells you. People tend to leave out the dark parts. The parts where we are knockdown or we didn’t achieve what we dream.

      In the end doesn’t matter where we work or where we studyed. Doesn’t matter how many times we were told that we weren’t good enough. You just keep grinding. If you ever stop chasing your own dreams people will tell you that they warned us but we can’t give them that satisfaction. If it is my dream I only fail when I give up. People will laugh, people will talk us out of it, people will not understand, people will not be ready for it but you keep dreaming and you keep dreaming big. Go for your dreams, don’t live…

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Have a defined goal for your personal development

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      When people are questioned about what they want in life, they are most likely to answer “money, happiness, health and time”. Well, beyond these, we want you to think on a personal and professional level!

      You will only reach your goals if you define them as clear and specific as possible. For that, you must develop your own plan, answering the following questions:

  1. How?

Know how you’ll reach your goals by making an effective and achievable plan.

      2. Where?

Know where you’ll apply your developed skills.

      3. When?

Define a specific date to accomplish your goals. Point the date so you establish your own time – that way you’ll go at your own pace and your goals become more real.

      4. Who?

Who will help you achieving your goals? Remember, people are our best resource.

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Employment search techniques and entrepreneurship competences

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Local: Campo de Ourique, Lisbon

Date: May 21, 2018

Duration: 3 days

Price: Free

With Professional Training Certificate.

Objectives of this workshop:

  • Define the concept of entrepreneurship.
  • Identify the advantages and risks of being an entrepreneur.
  • Identify the profile of the entrepreneur.
  • Recognize the business idea.
  • Define the phases of a project.
  • Identify and describe the various market insertion opportunities and their support, in particular the Active Measures of Employment.
  • Apply key job search strategies.
  • Apply the rules for drafting a curriculum vitae.
  • Identify and select job ads.
  • Recognize the importance of spontaneous applications.
  • Identify and adjust behaviors and attitudes in a job interview.

For more informations contact: 915557019

To subscribe click here.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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9781612680194      You may think this book is only about finances and investment.  However, you are wrong. The book´s theme reduces to two fundamental concepts: a confident attitude and fearless entrepreneurship. Robert Kiyosaki highlights these two concepts by providing the differences between the fathers of the narrator. He focuses on the financial literacy, but also how you can overcome obstacles by not promotion laziness, fear, cynicism and other negative attitudes, and recognising the characteristics of humans and how their preconceived notions and education difficult their financial freedom goals.

      The big difference about this book is the adjustment of mentality the author suggests. There is a high probability that you are going to change your idea about poor and rich people and understand money does not resolve problems. Our mind does!

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E-commerce: Creating a digital business

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Location: A Base – Creative Studio

Date : 10 – 18h (May 15, 2018)

Price: 85 euros

This workshop is aimed at those who are starting an e-commerce business:

– that already have a structured idea (with a defined concept);

– that are in the initial phase of creating the business;

– and want to make their digital business evolve, including those who have a physical business and want to combine online and offline.

      This workshop will be focused on the process of creating a digital e-commerce business, by practically addressing the different stages and challenges from idea to implementation.The workshop provides practical exercises (based on each participant’s business), including the development of the Canvas business model.You’ll also be able to address the challenges that entrepreneurs face during the process and what their key characteristics are.

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How to win friends and influence people

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51X7dEUFgoL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_      Sometimes it can be difficult to make friends, connect with new people or even understand your own friends and family. Improving all these aspects can be easy, if you read this book of Dale Carnegie.

      Dale Carnegie published this book for the first time in 1937, but it’s still successful and a refernce due to the universality of the message it transmits.

     This book teaches a lot about communication and how to deal with people. Addresses issues such as dealing with people, how to make individuals like us, how to make professional connects and cause a good impression, and proper ways to criticise people. It draws attention to things that individuals do but do not realise and explain why we create affinity with some people and others not.

    By the end of this pages, you will be able to express…

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